5 reasons why you should work at Ochre Health

5 reasons why you should work at Ochre Health.

From the very start in 2002, with our first medical centres in rural NSW, Ochre Health has been committed to delivering the best health outcomes for our communities.

We believe that in order to achieve this, our doctors must be supported by a highly trained team of nurses, practice and operational staff, all working towards the same goal; improving healthcare in Australia.

Now, with 35 medical centres across six states and territories, we are the chosen partner for over 140 GPs and have taken our vision and values to wider Australia.”

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Let’s look at why Ochre Health is the right employer for you:

Reason 1) Open and flexible contract arrangements

  • None of our doctors have fixed terms in their contracts. They choose to stay with Ochre Health because they want to and share our passion for improving health outcomes. Some doctors prefer to work 2 or 3 days a week whilst enjoying the remainder of the week with their families.

Reason 2) Commitment to education and training 

  • Our doctors are supported in pursuing their own professional development and we are committed to providing centres of excellence for GP Registrars and medical students keen to start their careers. We hold several regional seminars with seasoned professionals and in different specialisations to upskill doctors who choose to. Also all our doctors are encouraged to take upon additional certifications.

Reason 3) full clinical autonomy

  • We believe our doctors should be allowed to practice their way. We provide the best software systems and operational support, which allows them to be the GP they always wanted to be.

Reason 4) Nursing and Admin Support:

  • We employ highly experienced nurses who assist our doctors with a wide range of medical tasks (Pap smears, CDM, care plans …). Additionally, our dedicated Support Centre takes care of all other core business services, such as marketing, hiring, training and payroll freeing up the doctors time to focus on what they do best.

Reason 5) Mixed Billings 

  • Our doctors have the ability to bill patients as they see fit, this is to allow them to spend more time with patients and to truly focus on patient care. Our main goal is to provide the best Healthcare outcome for all.

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