Overseas travel tips

As tourists flock in droves to popular holiday destinations, medical practitioners are advising the community to have any necessary travel vaccinations at least four weeks before embarking on overseas travel this year.

Ochre Medical Centre Wollongong GP Dr Gloria Marchioni says having a vaccination should be at the top of travellers’ holiday preparation check lists.

“It’s extremely important for holiday-makers to have vaccinations to safeguard against illnesses at their destination, particularly when visiting less-developed countries. As most vaccinations take two to four weeks to provide immunity, if you’re planning travel it’s a good idea to start booking in your vaccinations one to two months in advance.”

Whilst the lead time required for a vaccination to provide immunity is a crucial factor, Dr Marchioni says this is far from the only consideration when arranging travel vaccinations.

“Whatever the destination, every traveller should ensure they are up-to-date with routine vaccinations including a tetanus injection to safeguard against infection resulting from injury. Depending on your country and holiday activities, other common vaccinations to consider include Hepatitis A and Typhoid, which protect against food and water borne diseases. For travellers looking to participate in outdoor activities in developing countries, such as motorcycle riding, it’s also advisable to have Hepatitis B immunisation, which safeguards against blood-borne disease. This can be contracted during surgical procedures after an accident.”

5 health Tips for Overseas Travel

 1. Plan vaccinations a month before your trip.
Ideally you should have any vaccinations a month before leaving on your holiday, but it’s worth checking with your GP or the nurse first, as they can advise on the best time-frame for having an immunisation.

2. Check required vaccinations at your destination country
It’s best to check with your GP about the appropriate vaccinations you should have before heading overseas.

3. Ensure kids’ vaccinations are up-to-date.
If you’re travelling overseas with children, it’s advisable to have them immunised against food and water-borne diseases like Hepatitis A and Typhoid.

4. Get travel insurance.
Ensuring you have the right travel insurance policy to cover your health is essential before an overseas trip.

5. Ensure medicine prescriptions are current.
If you have medication prescription for a chronic disease or health condition, it’s essential to make sure you have enough medication for your holiday.

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