Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Awards at the GPET conference in Perth

For the last few years Ochre Health has sponsored the GPET/Ochre Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Award.

In early September the 2013 award was presented to Dr Emma Griffiths at the GPET conference who was a GP Registrar in the Kimberley in 2012. Emma helped set up a renal information system that allows for the recording and reporting on all renal health information on an individual patient from early renal disease in community through to dialysis and transplant.

Training in the use of this system has allowed Aboriginal Health Workers and nurses to better manage the complex medical requirements of renal patients in the Kimberley.

This is of significance as there is a large increase in community based dialysis in the Kimberley and her work has assisted in provision of medical treatment for patients in their own rural and remote communities.

Pictured: Dr Hamish Meldrum and Dr Emma Griffiths at the 2013 GPET Conference in Perth.

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