A Farewell Note


A Message From Maureen…

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to John Burns, as well as Ross Lamplugh and Hamish Meldrum for believing in me, supporting me, teaching me and giving me such a wonderful opportunity here at Ochre Health these past three and half years. Congratulations Ross and Hamish – Ochre Health is a company whose corporate ethics are to be commended; I have felt very proud when representing the company. Even though my time at Ochre has been extremely busy I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many places I would never have been able to visit on my own accord – Australia is a vast and exquisite country and we are very blessed to live here!

I have been privileged to gain so many new friendships that will continue well past my time with Ochre. I want to thank all of the staff I have worked with, especially the staff I work closely with every day – I would never have been able to do this job without such expert support, so to the admin team, recruitment team, acquisitions team and finance team, my sincere thanks. To Phil and the IT support team – you do an amazing job! To all the wonderful practice managers, receptionists, nurses and doctors – you are what makes Ochre tick, it is your expert care and attention to the patients we serve that brings everything together so nicely – thank you for always welcoming me when I was visiting your sites. And to the tirelessly working, clever and supportive operations managers and Jan our nurse manager – wow! What can I say? The job you do and the hours you put in no one ever really sees, but the effect is nothing but spectacular. John and myself well recognise that the company could not be where it is without what you put in day in day out (nights, weekends too!).

I look forward to watching Ochre’s continued growth and I wish Richard Green every success and know I leave you in good hands. I will continue to ‘drop in’ from time to time to say hello. I hope those of you that have my mobile number will keep in touch as I will always be happy for a catch up. I’m still not that sure what is next for me, perhaps a little break and some quality time with my 3 children and other family members. I will also be going on a trip to Kenya to visit some projects I have been involved with (www.beyondwater.org.au) but that will only be for a few weeks. Then I feel the next venture will make itself known to me – life is good!

I wish you all good health, contentment and peace in whatever life brings you 🙂

A Message From Suzie…

I would like to say goodbye to everyone in the Ochre team and to thank those people who have supported me in my role as the Western Operations Manager over the past three years. This position has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful people who have shown me so much. I wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes to allow the Ochre Medical Centres to deliver the best services possible. There are so many to thank and I plan to see you all personally over the next few weeks on my final rounds out West.

My husband Jim and I have busy times ahead this year with renovations happening to our Motel in Dubbo as well as overseeing operations at our Farming/Grazing property at Warren, also some important events approaching for our three children – a school and university graduation to attend and a 21st thrown in.

Hoping to cross paths with you all again soon.

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