What do you need to know about Ochre Health’s GP education seminar series?

Health professionals never stop the process of learning. Of course, they gain an understanding of their chosen medical field whilst at university and medical school, but a career as a doctor is one in which continual learning is firmly entrenched. There are near-countless reasons as to why this is the case – the world of medicine is constantly changing and evolving. Thus, the need for doctors to keep in touch with innovative new techniques and other medical breakthroughs are something of a necessity, and this is why Ochre Health have introduced a series of GP education seminars for our doctors.

Kerron Bromfield is the Area Manager for Ochre Health in Queensland, and she is coordinating the GP education series. Kerron took time out of her busy schedule to explain a little more about the seminars, why GPs should seriously consider attending, and plenty more in between. Read on to find out more.

Creating further learning opportunities

Ochre Health have several medical centres dotted across Queensland, the seminars are hosted at the Sippy Downs medical centre. This site was chosen as it is particularly suited to hosting such training sessions, as it is of ample size and easily reachable from the rest of the state. So just why did Ochre Health create the GP education series?

Each and every one of the seminars is themed, so that each session can fully focus on its medical field.

“These sessions enable our doctors to connect not only with each other within the Queensland network, but for them to also form connections with local hospitals and specialists,” says Kerron.

Each and every one of the seminars is themed, so that each session can fully focus on its medical field. Doctors will find out about the latest happenings across a great raft of different specialties, such as cutting-edge new treatment options and programs.  Additionally, the sessions will also examine various case studies, and doctors are able to ask valuable questions throughout.

Why should doctors attend the GP education seminar series?

Though it is not compulsory that doctors attend these seminars, it will prove highly beneficial to their careers as a whole. The sessions are not a typical, run-of-the-mill exercise that simply tell you information that you already know and thus, waste your valuable time. Rather, the seminars are delivered in an interesting, informative manner, designed to keep your mind engaged and provoke new ways of thinking about medicine.

“The doctors are invited to submit any questions that they would like covered at the education evening prior to the event. This enables us to make the sessions quite specific as to the information provided. The doctors also earn CPD (continuing professional development) points for their attendance at these seminars,” mentions Kerron.

Doctors never stop the learning process.

Doctors never stop the learning process.

Therefore, GPs that attend the events know that any questions that they need answering will be covered. The seminars can be tailored towards the angles of the questions that doctors forward through. Additionally, certain questions may be posed that you may not have thought of asking, so you may come away from the seminar armed with more knowledge than you may have first imagined.

What seminars are on the horizon?

The first seminar was held on April 27, 2016, and focused on rehabilitation medicine, proving wildly popular. Endocrinology, Oncology/Palliative Care, Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery/Dermatoscopy and Bariatrics are all set to follow, and the next topic in line is Gynaecology, on Wednesday, May 25. How, though, are the core topics chosen?

“Doctors were asked what medical topics they would like covered before the seminar topics were set.  This enables us to have maximum attendance numbers,” says Kerron. Thus, there’ll be no empty seats which may diminish the overall atmosphere of the event, so a healthy, informative discussion is a certainty.

Be sure to get in touch with Kerron Bromfield at kbromfield@ochrehealth.com.au to book your place at these fascinating adventure events – we look forward to seeing you there!

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