Ochre Health awards 2016 Rural Health Education Scholarship to deserving nursing student Katelyn Frances Isabella May Reid.


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Ochre Health is excited to announce this year’s recipient of the Rural Health Education Scholarship.

This scholarship is open to students within Australia who plan to work in the rural health sector once they complete their studies. A monetary sum of $2,000 is provided to the successful applicant to help cover study-related costs, and for 2016 the prize has been awarded to deserving nursing student Katelyn Frances Isabella May Reid.

Katelyn is currently in her second year of nursing at Notre Dame University in Sydney, where she enrolled directly after graduating high school. She knew from a young age that nursing was her passion, since Katelyn spent several years at Westmead Hospital in Sydney as an inpatient during her childhood.

At the age of 12, she was inspired by the empathy, compassion and work ethic of the nursing staff who looked after her. She knew she wished to one day follow in their footsteps and be that same comfort for other sick children.

“It was inspiring to see their hard work, and also therapeutic for me,” says Katelyn.

In particular, she was inspired by a nurse named Angela who was also from the same neck of the woods, and together they would talk about their local area and gain a sense of homeliness even in the hospital.

Having grown up in the small country town of Cundletown, just 6 kilometres out of Taree, she plans to return to this rural area of the New South Wales mid-north coast once she graduates at the end of 2017.

Her career goals and personal aims are to give back to the community by specialising in paediatrics and aboriginal healthcare.

“There is a large aboriginal community in Cundletown, and although aboriginal healthcare is promoted nationwide, I felt that more could be done back home and I wanted to help,” says Katelyn. “I have grown up alongside these people and understand and respect the culture, so I hope my return with nursing qualifications will help make a difference.”

Additionally, Katelyn plans to donate some of her scholarship money to the Bandaged Bear Appeal at Westmead Hospital, a charity that has been around for 27 years and played an instrumental role in making her stay at the hospital more comfortable and fun. This charity provides toys and organises events for the patients, as well as invests donations towards research on cures and to purchase the latest, advanced medical equipment.

Value of the scholarship

Along with her admirable charity work, Katelyn intends to use the funds to help pay for a new nursing uniform to wear on placements, a stethoscope and decent footwear to work efficiently over the long hours. Having previously worn runners that leave her feet sore after lengthy shifts, she is looking forward to having the correct gear for working to the best of her ability as a nurse.

She also plans to buy the relevant textbooks for her courses, as well as save portions of the money for purchasing reference book material in the future.

“I am extremely grateful to and appreciate Ochre Health for this scholarship, not only since it will be a major financial aid for my studies, but because I respect how talented the pool of applicants are. It is endearing to know I was selected,” says Katelyn.

“It means a lot because being selected out of a big number made me think that there is something in me that people recognise, and I look forward to giving back to the community and pursuing my studies,” concluded Katelyn.


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