Oxfam Trailwalk

Darren and Jayne from the Ochre Health Recruitment team, recently took part in Oxfam’s Trailwalker event. The trailwalk was a 100km, non-stop to walk in support of people living in poverty around the world.

Armed with minimal supplies and determination, Jayne and Darren – in their respective teams – were embarking on what would most likely be one of the longest and testing journeys of their lives. Kicking off at 8am from Brooklyn, just north of Sydney, the teams began their walk; finishing at Tania Park in Balgowalah Heights, NSW.

Months of training and preparation did still not prepare the teams for how challenging the trek was. The risk of injury and exhaustion escalated into the night section of the walk. The walkers battled with the continuing decline of temperature throughout the night, while relying on head torches to find their way through the bushland.

Despite his pains and severe limp, Darren, along with his team, continued through the night and into the following morning. Unfortunately, they lost a team member in the early morning due to exhaustion.

Jayne suffered a knee injury during the night, forcing her to retire and wave on her team mate to carry on without her.

Darren and the remaining two members of his team struggled on throughout the Saturday, eventually crossing the finish line in the late afternoon, with a time of 33hrs, 18mins and 30 seconds. A brilliant result by the boys!

Jayne and Darren raised $6,433 between them which is a huge achievement in itself, and will contribute towards Oxfam in their ultimate goal to overcome poverty.

Congratulations to everyone that took part!

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