Patient Empowered Pod (3P) coming in 2016


Databases at GP clinics across Australia often lack basic patient health data according to Dr Paresh Dawda, who is a senior research fellow at the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute and GP at the Ochre Health Medical Centre in Bruce, Canberra.
Dr Dawda and the University of Canberra have been awarded research funding from the Royal Australian Council of General Practitioners (RACGP) for a new project – A patient empowered pod that will be developed and tested at the Bruce clinic in Canberra.

When we look at research from around the country we find the population health data on weight, height, body mass index and risk factors are not collected consistently by GPs.
If we can use this data to focus on prevention rather than treatment then that’s a better outcome for everyone.” Dr Paresh Dawda

Within the private interactive pod a patient’s weight, height and body mass index will automatically be measured. Patients will also be able to enter their lifestyle behavioural data such as smoking, alcohol consumption and physical activity. This evidence will provide the patient with a degree of empowerment and information about themselves that can be shared with their doctor or allied health professional. The research team are extremely keen to ensure that patients are empowered at every stage of the process and have a choice.
An experienced software engineer has been enlisted to the project and is currently working on the design and interface of the interactive screen and report card for the Pod. The 3P Pod is scheduled to go live by March 2016.

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