Canberra Region – VR GP opportunities

Canberra Region - VR GP opportunities

DPA locations available

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Kippax – VR GP

Kippax - VR GP

DPA | Established patient base

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Cohuna – GP VMO

Cohuna - GP VMO

DPA – Up to $100k in grants available.

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Scottsdale – GP VMO

Scottsdale - GP VMO

$300–350K | DPA | RA3

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Bruce – VR GP

Bruce - VR GP

Central DPA Location

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Calwell – VR GP

Calwell - VR GP

Seeking VR GP to join our team in Calwell

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St Helens – GP VMO

St Helens - GP VMO

$400–450K | DPA | RA3

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Deniliquin – GP VMO

Deniliquin - GP VMO

Join a well established DPA classified medical centre in Deniliquin.

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Barham – GP VMO

Barham - GP VMO

DPA – Riverside living.

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Queenstown – GP VMO

Queenstown - GP VMO

$350–400K | DPA | RA3

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King Island – GP VMO

King Island - GP VMO

$350–400K | DPA | RA5

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Grafton – VR GP

Grafton - VR GP

Premium custom built facility.

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Rosebery – GP VMO

Rosebery - GP VMO

$350–400K | DPA | RA4

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Casey – VR GP

Casey - VR GP

DPA location

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Wollongong – VR GP

Wollongong - VR GP

Join a brand new medical centre in Wollongong.

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